Thursday, February 18, 2010

Speed Skating - Short Track - Success

Ready for results?

Well, if you're a J.R. Celski fan, you must already know. But here we go, the reults from the Men's 1000 m Heats.

Overall, Celski ranked third.
This is out of around 32 skaters total.

He was in the 7th heat. You can read about the competitors a few posts back.

Out of his heat, he got 2nd, right after Jung-Su Lee of Korea - the skater who got the gold in the 1500m as Ohno and Celski took silver and bronze.

Overall he got 3rd after the two Koreans, Jung-Su (who got 2nd) and Si-Bak Sung.

Si-Bak Sung currently holds the Olympic record for this event.

I think racing against Jung-Su Lee was a huge factor that helped Celski to the top of the ranks. He had it in him. He was capable, of course. But, when you race against some of the best, that forces you to go faster to keep up. In a time limit that small, there's no time to know how fast you are going.

Example for you to try with someone sometime. Ask someone to raise their hands as high as they can. Wait a moment. Then ask them to raise them higher.

At the beginning, they rasied their hands their highest -- yet after you asked them to raise them higher, they could do it. Just like skating. Ask a skater to skate their fastest, they will, but there is still more in them.

Then again, the heats truly aren't huge indicators of how the skaters will perform. It does reconfirm the capabilities of the Koreans, but overall, the skaters just needed to do well enough to make it into the quarter finals.

The quarter finals will be at 6:29 PM on Saturday, the 20th.

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