Saturday, February 13, 2010

Final Countdown

30 minutes to go.

30 minutes to determine if he gets to move on to the semi-finals.

Apolo Ohno, fellow American team mate, will also be competing in this event.

He's going to be in the third race with helmet number 252.

It might be important to note that "252 is the smallest number which is the product of two distinct numbers that are reverses of each other: 252 = 12*21," so, we'll see if that number does much good, not that I believe that numbers hold any value in terms of luck.

On the ice, skating at the same time as JR, will be Yuzo Takamido of Japan, Paul Herrmann of Germany, Nicola Rodigari of Italy, Benjamin Mace of France, and Jung-Su Lee of Korea.

Go JR! This is ever so exciting for us. Cheering for people is fun.

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