Wednesday, February 17, 2010

8 Hours and 57 Minutes till...

What will you do n the next 8 hours and 57 minutes.

Think about the fact that JR is about to enter into a second "division" or "event" of short track in the Olympics? Of course you'll be thinking about that.

This will be the fourth time J.R. will be stepping onto the ice this year as a competetor.

He will be skating in the 7th heat against Takahiro Jufimoto of Japan, Peter Gysel of Belgium, and Jung-Su Lee of Korea.

What? Jung-Su Lee... again? Lee was the Olympian who won the gold in the 1500 M against Ohno and Celski.

But I'm confident in JR. He's one capable athlete and we know he'll put forth everything he has each and every race.

At 17:27 today, you can bet I'll be jumping up and down, hoping and praying, and shouting, "Go Jay-Are! Go J.R.!"

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