Sunday, February 14, 2010

Going Viral

J.R. Celski is going viral.
It's been interesting to see how much attention he has been getting lately. For most people, when they first hear of a person, first thing they do is head to Google and do the ever-popular-ever-new verb of googling them. When we first looked up JR, there was a bit of information on him, but he wasn't "huge." There were a few blog interviews, newspaper articles. Now he is news... to the point that if you look him up on Google, he shows up with Google Trends. Take a look at that, 8th most popular search in the hour.
He also made it to the homepage of MSN with teammate, Apolo Ohno.
If you had been following him on Twitter, the morning of the ceremony he had some 800 followers, or some number close to that. Now he has 3,083. Every time I check, it seems like hs has some 1,000 more.
His page on Facebook now has 3,791 fans. Before, it was under 1,000.
Anyways, this is just the beginning for this chill guy. M&M are excited, but still deciding how much we like it. We're trusting that he won't let it get to his head too much. Look at Ohno, doing ads for GAP and other organizations. What is the future of Celski? All I know is that we'll continue to be loyal fans and cheer him on.
Just 3 days until his next event!

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