Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day One - Fun Has Begun

Today is the very very first day that J.R. Celski will be competing in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. The excitement is jumping out of my fingertips as I type this. Hence, I keep making a lot of typos.

According to, not affiliated with, he will be competing at 17:00. His event? Short Track. Men's 1500 m Heats.

No, he is not short silly. He is 5 foot 8 inches. But apparently 1500 m equates to a short distance. That's around .93 miles. Yep, quite short indeed. Just a mere stroll in the park.

So. Who shall he be competing against? I don't really know. Our energies of being fanners have been focused on the person himself, although I guess investing our time in learning about this huge moment in his skating career that is happening today could be important.

Let us see.

He won't be competing against anyone from Switzerland. There are some people from Canada, like Mathieu Giroux. He ways 170 lbs. Looks like he will also be competing against Brian Hansen today. Brian is only 16 days older than me. He shares a birthday, September 3, 1990, with one of my friends. How exciting! Then there is 32 year old Chad Hedrick. I hope he likes cottage cheese. Jonathan Kuck, also from the United States, was almost born on my half birthday. He's also 19. It seems like that is a good age for going to the Olympics. He weighs 174 lbs. More than a large baby would. Other folks include Trevor Marsicano... wait a minute, scratch all the above. Guess I was looking at Speed Skating as opposed to Short Track Speed Skating.

Anyways, we wish JR the best of luck today. We know he can do this, this refering to getting the gold. With our support, and the rest of America's support, and his capabilities, anything is possible! He's won the Gold this year at the 2009 World Championships in Vienna in 3000 m and 5000 m relay. What a speedy guy.

Just Rocks!
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  1. where did you get this picture from? (unedited.)
    thanks, alexia.

  2. I believe that we found it on one of his friends' facebook pages. If you would like, I could email it to you. It would be easier than trying to find it.

  3. that would be great!