Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bronze Sucess

Day One is done.

Today was the day of the Men's 1500 M in/on the Short Track.

Ever so exciting - so many emotions, but the main one expressed was joy. Our dear friend J.R. Celski did beautifully today. He is very very capable.

The day started with the Heats - he conquered.

Semi-finals? Conquered. Most definitily.

What about those Finals, eh?
Conquered in style!

Style as in, very quick, speedy, and full of grace.

J.R. did not receve the gold, nor the silver, but he did get a bronze which is still altogether quite impressive.

The gold went to Jung-Su Lee of Korea. He currently holds the olympic record for this event.
Silver went to Apolo Ohno, well known guy so I don't feel the need to elaborate much on him right now.

Bronze went to... J.R. Celski!

That is what I would consider success.

His time was 2:18.053 - that's just .0442 seconds behind the gold medalist. So, while USA did not come home with a gold in short track, yet, they did earn, win, and achieve two medals.... and both to folks from the good ol' Pacific Northwest.

Gut gemacht. Well done. Jawohl J.R. Celski. Way to make us proud and smile.


  1. Oh my gosh - I was so nervous and excited! Especially so glad that J.R. was able to take home a bronze! His story is so amazing. :D
    You wouldn't happen to know where one might find a sweatshirt like his? The one he's wearing at the top that says USA with 2010 written vertically next to it? Thanks for reading and posting!

  2. Krista!

    Wasn't that wonderful! It's great to hear from another fan.

    If it was available for purchase, you could get it here:

    Well, that's the shop website. You can see the sweatshirt that you're talking about in the header there, but I was unable to find the specific sweatshirt for actual sale. Have a look around, that's my best guess. Best of luck to you in your quest to wear matching clothes with J.R.!