Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Celski Money

Today at school I decided to hand out J.R. Bucks. 'What are those?' you may ask. They are basically like Monopoly money with J.R.'s face on them.

Don't they sound wonderful? I think so. As did many of my classmates.

I left J.R. Bucks in the backpacks of my peers, on their desks, on tables in the library, and in the hands of a few fans.

You may be left wondering what was done with those "Bucks" after they were left in the capable hands of my peers. I can't say for sure, but I did give them a few suggestions. Such as:

  • make a paper airplane and fly it into some one's hair. I tried this and it didn't quite work as well as I would have hoped. Making paper airplanes out of 4"x2" paper that can actually fly, is difficult.
  • tape them to your elbows.
  • put them in your shoes.
  • give them to your dog to chew on.
  • and many more. The possibilities are infinite.

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