Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fan Causation

This is the quest of two young citizens of the United States to become perhaps the greatest fans of an athlete that we capably can -- without being too creepy.

Here is how this project came about.

Monica and I were watching the Vancouver Opening Ceremony to the Olympics, 2010. It was a whole lot of fun when I thought, "Why don't we just choose some random folk and become the hugest fans possible." Just for kicks. Monica liked it. We both liked it. We haven't been fans of a human being before. Sounded like a fun concept, as humans are much more depth-ful than inanimate objects, like almond butter.

We wrote down a few names we heard, not really knowing who they were, and got on the computer and started googling after the games. Monica looked up a J.R. Celski. I wasn't sure who that was, girl or boy.

Turned out to be boy. I thought he was an old man. I laughed when I saw he wasn't. Then I still wasn't sure of his gender. Saw another picture. Definitely of the male gender. J is for John. He does speed skating.

I laughed even more when I saw he lived in the same town Monica does.

The world just got a little bit smaller.

Anyways, our quest is to be the greatest fans ever! Extreme fans. Crazy fans. Decorated with shirts and pins fans. We shall be fans. We have never been fans of something before, especially a human. Picking one from the Olympics seemed like a fun chance to develop this new hobby.

This is based on his career and capabilities. We have no judgement upon his character or outer appearance -- although if he turns out to be nice, that would be good. From our research, he seems very level headed and very likely to help an old lady across the street. I'm glad he ended up being the one we will support because he turned out to be a pretty swell guy.

The Olympics started today and all I have to say is - Go Team USA -- Go J.R. Celski!

Daily updates on his progress can be expected -- as well as other reports on our own progress. I think we're making buttons tomorrow.

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  1. Am I the first comment? Aha, I love you guys! I hope you keep up with this more. It looks great.