Monday, February 15, 2010

A Graduate of Sherwood Forest

As a friend of mine was passing Sherwood Forest Elementary, he saw this magnificent sign. Knowing of my recent fan-age, he sent it to me.

As a fan, I then felt that it was my duty to share this with the world. Doesn't it make you smile? We are a proud town, Federal Way.

Our next step of fandom?
Early next month, Magi and I plan on doing some Celski sight-seeing.
We will travel to:
  • Pattison's West- Where he used to roller skate.
  • Todd Beamer High School- He went here for his sophomore year. My sister goes here now and may be able to get us to meet a few of his teachers.
  • And now, perhaps, Sherwood Forest Elementary- He is a graduate from here, as evidenced by the aforementioned sign.

Again, congratulations J.R. Celski for being such a capable athlete.

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